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The following is an aerodynamic shape optimization case for the NACA0012 airfoil at low speed.

Case: Airfoil aerodynamic optimization 
Geometry: NACA0012
Objective function: Drag coefficient (CD)
Lift coefficient (CL): 0.5
Design variables: 20 free-form deformation (FFD) points moving in the y direction, one angle of attack
Constraints: Symmetry, volume, thickness, and lift constraints (total number: 34)
Mach number: 0.02941 (10 m/s)
Reynolds number: 0.6667 million
Mesh cells: ~4,000
Solver: DASimpleFoam

Fig. 1. Mesh and FFD points for the NACA0012 airfoil

The evoluation of pressure and shape during the optimization is as follows. Refer to this page for post-processing the optimization results.

Fig. 2. Pressure and shape evolution during the optimization process