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The following is an aerodynamic shape optimization case for the DPW4 aircraft (wing-body-tail configuration) at transonic conditions.

Case: Aircraft aerodynamic optimization
Geometry: CRM wing, body, and tail
Objective function: Drag coefficient
Design variables: 216 FFD points moving in the z direction, 9 wing twists, one tail rotation, one angle of attack
Constraints: Volume, thickness, LE/TE, and lift constraints (total number: 771)
Mach number: 0.85
Reynolds number: 5 million
Mesh cells: 860 K
Solver: DARhoSimpleCFoam

Fig. 1. Mesh and FFD points for the DPW4 wing-body-tail configuration

To run this case, first download tutorials and untar it. Then go to tutorials-main/DPW4_Aircraft and run the “preProcessing.sh” script to generate the mesh:


We recommend running this case on an HPC system with 100 CPU cores:

mpirun -np 100 python runScript.py 2>&1 | tee logOpt.txt