We just released a major DAFoam upgrade to version 3. In version 3, we have developed an efficient interface to integrate DAFoam with OpenMDAO for multidisciplinary design optimization through the Mphys interface. Refer to the v3.0.0 release note for more details.

While most of the settings are exact same as before, version 3 uses very different runScript.py because it is coupled with OpenMDAO. We suggest users get familiar with OpenMDAO before using DAFoam v3 run scripts. Check the Getting Started section from the OpenMDAO documentation.

We have also updated some of the tutorials for v3. The version 2 run scripts are now called _v2.py. NOTE: All the version 2 run scripts are currently compatible with DAFoam v3. In other words, you can use DAFoam v3.0.0 to run any v2 scripts. However, we may drop the support for v2 in the future.

The v2 website has been moved to https://dafoamv2.github.io and will no longer be maintained.